Mid-Century Watercolors By John Norment


This weekend is your last chance to check out the abstract watercolors and mid-century comics of John Norment on display at New Puppy Gallery in Cypress Park. The late artist’s work appeared in the New Yorker, The New York Times, in a series of humor books and even the cover of a jazz album recorded by the Tennessee native. The installation takes full advantage of the humor and color of Norment whose vivid colors pop off the gallery walls. A reversible cover is displayed in a rotating frame, a gag about clotheslines is hung on a wire, and his Peppermill Jazzband album is displayed in a ‘60s living room dominated by a massive hi-fi. Sit in this lounge, sip a cocktail and imagine how much funnier and stylish you’d be with one of these on your living room wall.


John Norment

Closing reception 

March 10, 2012 7pm to 11pm

New Puppy Gallery

2808 Elm Street  

Los Angeles, CA 90065

(213) 925-9232