Magical Maestros: Three Amazing Musical Moments In One L.A. Weekend


Apollo must have been with me this weekend as I stumbled into three amazing musical moments I can’t help but share. I never thought of the Rite-Aid at Hollywood and Vermont as the place to catch the an exciting new musical act, but I blocked the automatic doors – hypnotized inside the air curtain- mesmerized by the wafting sounds of a phantom ukulele. I was super impressed with the store’s Muzak until I saw a gentleman named Andrew Manley in a beaver top hat strumming what I imagine September Song would sound like at a Renaissance Fair. My wife and I did a little waltz and applauded heartily. We were on our way to a soiree in the hills and lacking a proper hostess gift so we asked if we could present him as a living party favor. He was otherwise engaged and missed out on musical miracle number two. Musician Moby had invited some friends over to his castle and was in his strobe-lit basement doing his little Moby bounce to some super jumpy and exciting dance music. Of course I had to enjoy a little rockstep and sugarfootin’ in the dark. Phew! The third magical maestro appeared at Sunday brunch in the form of Kazakhstan-born tenor Timur Bekbosunov. The artist climbed on top of a chair and the room gasped with wonder as he performed his “reform opera.” I’ll chalk all this up to just another enchanted weekend in our dream city and hope to see them all perform again soon.


photo by Martin Möller