Ludacris Gets His Janky Old ’93 Acura Blingdazzled


Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Ludacris (did you know he had his own brand of cognac?) destroyed a lot of cars in those Fast & Furious movies. Now he’s smashed one of his own. The Hollywood Hills resident crunched the rear door and quarter panel of his 1993 Acura Legend in a recent collision and the company offered to fix it for free. Ellen Degeneres ribbed the actor about driving a car with 250,000 miles on the odometer to his private jet.

Apparently the 22-year-old cashmere-colored sedan is a sentimental favorite – he featured it on the cover of his album Ludaversal – and the company that made it wants to keep their star customer happy.

The Acura Design Studio will “artfully restore and modify” the vehicle at their facility in Torrance. “Working with a real car guy and a passionate Acura owner like Ludacris has made the processes of bringing his Legend back to its original glory a fun and unique experience,” said Acura creative director Dave Marek. “We wanted to put our own stamp on the Legend while retaining the essence of the original that Ludacris has worked so hard to maintain over the years.” The big reveal of the restored “classic” will be at the Specialty Equipment Market Association car show in Las Vegas next month. Another ’93 Legend is on Craigslist right now for $600 – a perfect starter car for the next rap mogul.