Love Those Local Commercials


How could I have missed an entire month of this genius new show Commercial Kings on IFC? Ooh! Look, it’s on Hulu. Apparently their videos have been on Lopez Tonight, Last Call with Carson Daly, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NPR, CNN and Time Magazine. Hmm, I guess nobody posted them to my Facebook. This Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal hail from North Carolina, but have immortalized some funky L.A. locales with their wacky local commercials. I must have driven by Presidential Car Wash in North Hollywood a hundred times, but have never stopped there. This genius commercial will change that. I’ve been humming the summer’s biggest hit (Theme From) Presidential Car Wash all morning. The next episode airs Friday. I can only hope it has more doozies like “Don’t get a divorce, get a donut” from Donut Prince in Burbank and this unbearably wonderful number from Holiday Hotel for Cats in West L.A. I’m speechless… but suddenly have an urge for a pastry and a clean car.