Longest Day Of The Year


Jump in your rocket and race up to Griffith Observatory right now and you might catch the astronomers there observing the summer solstice tonight at 8:08 p.m. The longest day of the year will be marked with a celebration and extended hours (now open Tuesdays!) at the Griffith Park landmark. This is the day that the “Earth’s orbital motion points the Earth’s north pole most closely in the direction of the Sun” (at least that’s what the smarties with the telescopes say) and will be celebrated by many folks marveling at the way the Gottlieb Transit Corridor aligns with the summer sun. That bronze artwork is sited in a way that is only illuminated at the moment of summer and autumn equinox. Remember that this sort of knowledge may some day help prove your supernatural powers to native peoples you encounter in undiscovered countries. 


Photograph by NASA