Let’s Watch The Horrifying Chuck E. Cheese Promotional Video Together

In honor of the company going public, we dug up this gem

Chuck E. Cheese is about to go public and is estimated to generate over a billion dollars. The animatronic-filled pizza palace was created in 1977 by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and is now controlled by the New York private equity firm that owns Caesar’s Palace and Harrah’s. That company, whose art-loving CEO spent $120 million on this painting, has added booze to more locations and smoothed over some of the rough edges of Chuck E., making him more extreme skater dude and less streetwise street rat. Back in the days of this training video you might want to cross the street to avoid these characters. To celebrate the company going public, we dug up this gem from the early years.

But as anyone knows, if we’re going to watch giant, animatronic puppets on the internet, this will always be our first choice.