Legendary Ice Cream Maker Bill Fosselman Dies at 92


Ice cream magnate Bill Fosselman passed away last week at the age of 92. Before Farrell’s and Wil Wright’s and Baskin-Robbins, L.A. has enjoyed Fosselman’s Ice Cream. For almost ninety years the family has been churning out the sweet stuff and beginning in 1937 they offered sundaes and splits at stores in South Pasadena, Highland Park and Glendale. Today, you can still enjoy the old-time parlor atmosphere and classic flavors like Rum Raisin alongside Lychee, Macapuno and Taro at their remaining store on Valley Boulevard in Alhambra. The antique-filled shop is lined with commendations and awards like the “Best Milkshake” nod this publication gave them in 2007. Bill Fosselman worked behind the counter of that store until about five years ago. He will be missed, but the delicious treats and warm atmosphere he created will live on.