Larry Crowne Breaks Down


Tom Hanks arrived at the premiere for Larry Crowne last night onboard the same light blue Yamaha scooter his character drives in the film. A fleet of scooters -and one very resourceful vintage scooter expert who got the vehicle running after a brief sputter- escorted Hanks. “There’s this auto choke problem with all the Yamaha Riva 180s” said Mike Frankovich, owner of NoHo Scooters and a member of the riding crew. “I just sat there and flicked the throttle and it fired up.” The film, about corporate downsizing and a romance between a teacher and an, um, mature student, breezes by with great performances by Bryan Cranston as an angsty novelist, Cedric the Entertainer as a yard sale hustler and George Takei stealing the movie as a hard driving economics teacher. Much of the action takes place between Atwater Village and Burbank and features landmarks like Club Tee Gee, the Tam O’Shanter and Balboa Park. At one point in the film Hank’s character takes a job at Frank’s Coffee Shop on Olive and goes on about the great pie. I just called and today they have cherry and apple. I’d better get up there and try a slice.