Join Chris Nichols For a Halloween Bus Tour

Learn about cryonics, black velvet, stop motion, and ”pumpkin spice” on this annual excursion

Halloween is the new Christmas. I have friends that work on costumes all summer, and the plastic pumpkins start appearing in stores as soon as the back to school sales are through. There are so many ways to celebrate, from watching dancing mummies and vampires at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater to enjoying a freshly made sugar skull at El Mercado in Boyle Heights. For years, friends asked me to show them a good time on Halloween, so I began a new tradition, chartered a bus, and headed out in search of the spooky.

This Saturday, the tour is visiting Gold Coast, a flavor factory whose chefs create “pumpkin spice” and other simulated tastes of fall, a special exhibition of monster art painted on black velvet at Velveteria, the stop-motion animators of Screen Novelties, and a tour of Evergreen cemetery with historian Steve Goldstein.

Bob Nelson, the cryonics expert who froze the first man in 1967, will join us at the Velaslavasay Panorama to explain how he did it. If you would like to join the haunted spree, visit for details and tickets.