Help John Waters Remember the Name of His Favorite Long-Gone Gay Bar


I was on the phone with John Waters this afternoon (I love my job) and he began reminiscing about a long-gone gay bar somewhere on Sunset Boulevard. His kaleidoscopic description had me howling. What became of this bugged-out joint? Read about it in his own words (below), and then help me figure out where it was. The first commenter to identify the location wins a prize.

“You know what I miss? What was the name of that ludicrous gay bar? It used to be on the corner of Sunset and…You walked down the staircase and it was all old game show hosts with wigs—and violent hustlers. It’s long gone but you could find out the name. It was hilarious. I miss that place. The parking lot was in the back and to get in you had to walk down a mirrored circular staircase so everybody saw you. It was very John Rechy, very City of Night. It was old school Boys in the Band game show hosts with crooked wigs and violent rough trade. It was a kind of really a lovely atmosphere that I miss.”