John Landis and Monsters in the Movies


I can’t think of a director that is as well known for howlingly funny comedies (Blues Brothers, Animal House) and movies that just howl (An American Werewolf in London) but John Landis has always been equally good with the scary business and the funny business. FYI: Pre-teen Chris was glued to MTV and SUPER excited waiting for the premiere of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Landis comes to the Egyptian theater next week with three days of his favorite monster movies.   The director will introduce a double feature of Island of Lost Souls and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Thursday and sign copies of his new book Monsters in the Movies. Additional films in the series include Frankenstein, The Haunting, The Innocents and Bride of Frankenstein. If you get to the Boulevard early you can even run over to Hollywood Toy and Costume and pick up a rubber mask to wear to the show.