Jack Nicholson always has a posse courtside at the Laker games. Who are all those people?

    Though he behaves like he owns the row, only 2 of the 149 floor seats surrounding the court at the Staples Center belong to the Lakers’ most boisterous fan. A frequent companion is daughter Lorraine, an actress who turns 21 this month (Wetzel’s Pretzels for everyone!). The two seats to their left are owned by former superagent Mike Ovitz, who has shared them with Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderas, and Dustin Hoffman; the woman next to them is philanthropist Yori Saneyoshi. The fella with the white beard to Jack’s right is Lou Adler, producer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the comedy duo Cheech & Chong. Nicholson has owned seats for at least 36 years. As for what his current ones cost, brace yourself:  They set him back $213,200 each season.
    Illustration by Zohar Lazar