Is there really a bra-fitting school near Pasadena?

    I hope so. And—yes! It’s close by, in Monrovia, where the helpful staff at Creative Woman, aka The Wizard of Bras, will show you how to choose a brassiere that fits. The Wizard has 17,000 bras in stock and nine private rooms for sizing and keeps five years of computer records on clients. This might not be the rocket science you’d find at Caltech, but Wizard instills its own kind of rigor into the science of lingerie. Employees undergo training in fabric identification, alteration marking, hook-and-eye rebuilding, and cup measuring. They deal in sizes ranging from 28AA to 58J. Around since 1975, the operation has also gone online. You could learn how to determine your own specs at, but you’d miss the experience of campus life.