I watch reruns of the 1970s show Emergency!, which was set at a “Station 51.” Is there a Station 51, and was filming done there?

Those honking sirens, those spinning red lights! I always loved the opening of Emergency! but usually lost interest by the first commercial break. Like many of Jack Webb’s shows (Dragnet, Adam-12), it was shot on the streets of Los Angeles, which heightened the realism. Some episodes were enacted at West Hollywood’s Firehouse No. 8, but the iconic Station 51 was filmed at the contemporary ranch-style Station 127 in the city of Carson, which still looks as it did on the TV show. Universal Studios built a new fire station on its lot in 1995 and paid homage to the show by calling it “Station 51.” When firefighters helped knock out the massive studio blaze in 2008, among the items saved were original master tapes of Emergency!