I love the changing leaves of autumn. Where can I see some colorful foliage without leaving the city?


Illustration by Jason Schneider

While it’s true that palm fronds stay green, you can still find a bit of New England here. Along with the native sycamores and oaks, the city has planted about 2 million trees, some of which change color. City forester Ron Lorenzen, who oversees all the wooded areas, says the best place to enjoy fall foliage is in the White Oak neighborhood of Encino. Sixty-two years ago a grove of deciduous Liquidambar styraciflua (American sweetgum) was planted; this species’ leaves turn yellow, orange, red, maroon, and black every fall and winter. He suggests strolling Yarmouth Avenue between Victory Boulevard and Kittridge Street to feel as if you’ve stepped out of a Vermont B&B.