I love Gordon Ramsay’s TV program Hell’s Kitchen, which I know is taped in Los Angeles. Where is the restaurant, and how do you get tickets to dine there?


The excitable British chef stages his cooking competition at a rental studio in anonymous buildings that look like an office park just of La Cienega in Culver City, between See’s Candies and Chinese Deli. (Aren’t those two of the food groups?) The Hell’s Kitchen dining room is open during taping to anyone who makes a reservation. Meals go for the price of listening to Ramsay’s rants. You might also appear on television. The show starts its ninth season this month; go to fox.com/hellskitchen for tickets. And bring a snack, because if things go wrong in the cookery, Ramsay has been known to get angry enough to close before dinnertime. 

Photograph courtesy of eatingla.blogspot.com