“I Know You Art But What Am I?” Pee Wee Herman Art Show


Gallery 1988 in Venice is opening their big Pee Wee Herman-themed art show tonight. “I Know You Art But What Am I?” features more than 80 artists paying tribute to the bow-tied giggler. I once bought a piece from one of their Crazy 4 Cult shows, which are inspired by offbeat movies of the ’70s, ‘80s and 90s. Watch for that show – it’s great. The Macy’s Parade nightmare and the all Pee Wee little league team are both pretty creepy, but I could totally see Jason Liwag’s Captain Carl on my walls. Go! Who knows? Maybe some friends from the Playhouse will show up at tonight’s opening!


Detail of artwork by Tom Whalen via g1988.blogspot.com