I found a dead pigeon in my Eagle Rock driveway with a yellow band around its leg that read AU2010 SA894. Do you know what that means?

The fallen flier was a homing pigeon. The AU stands for the American Racing Pigeon Union, and 2010 is the most recent year the bird was banded. The last set of letters and numbers is how it was identified by the Santa Anita Racing Pigeon Club, which folded this summer. The bird might have been racing. Had it been a champion, SA894 could have been worth up to $60,000, according to Rick Woods, president of Mountain View Invitational, one of about 40 pigeon clubs in the Greater L.A. area. It is impossible to know the cause of death. Many homing pigeons fall victim to attacks by hawks, in particular the Cooper’s hawk, which counts the pigeon among its favorite foods.