How Green Is Your Yard Sale?


Every day I find myself dragging some strange thing home. Maybe I’m just toting groceries, but sometimes it’s a theater program or maybe some ugly doll. The clutter was getting a little out of hand and, feeling the entrepreneurial spirit, I had a yard sale. I made some really great signs, put on some jumpin’ music and laid out my goodies expecting a crush of bargain seekers. At the end of the sweltering afternoon I had a couple hundred bucks and a lawn full of leftovers destined for the thrift store. Regardless of quality, stadium crowds are not going to find their way to your lone wolf bazaar. However, the rise of the “Citywide Yard Sale” phenomenon might be a solution. On Saturday, the City of Inglewood is hosting a sale at the Hollywood Park racetrack. Next weekend, West Hollywood is doing the same as part of the WehoGrnWknd. How much greener can you get than recycling junk among neighbors?