Hooray for Hollywoodland


The Hollywood sign is the most famous billboard on the planet, or at least in Los Angeles. The original version read “Hollywoodland” and went up in 1923 to advertise a new real estate development of the same name. A new title from Arcadia Press on the city’s most famous subdivision was recently released and author Mary Mallory will be appearing at the Hollywood Heritage museum on June 5th to sign books and discuss the neighborhood around the sheet metal and telephone pole behemoth that means so much to us. The book is chock full of rare photos of the sign’s happy parents, beaming as an infant in the booming 1920s, getting a facelift and losing the “land” in 1949 and as a decrepit hulk in the 1970s. We can look up at the Cahuenga Peak and see how the story turned out, but you should still go meet Miss Mallory, as all book sales at the event benefit the great work of Hollywood Heritage.