Hollywood Old West Shop Closing After 44 Years


A friend recently mentioned the closing of Bleecker Bob’s in Greenwich Village and was bemoaning the loss of curmudgeonly shopkeepers everywhere. It used to be that if you wanted a rare record or some antiquity you were obliged to confront the crazy/cool/cantankerous guy behind the counter and beg for the right to purchase the special object he had been guarding. Of course, once you buy enough of these things you join the club and the guy (and it’s always a guy) becomes your best friend keeping an eye out for that weird collectible you’ve been hunting for years. Anyway, one of the weirdest old shops on Hollywood Boulevard, with one of the most unsmiling owners, has been slowly winding down for the last few months and recently listed a bunch of oddities on Craig’s List. I highly recommend you put on your game face (and 10 gallon hat) and mosey on over to the Yellow Aster Mercantile Company while you still can. Situated behind a old west false front, this final resting place for Western movie props  (and rusty cutting shears and a bag of McGovern for president pins) is closing after 44 years. Stop by the shop for this final sale, which includes some free items. “Make a giant pile” say their ads “and name your own price.” It’s worth the trip.