Historic Seeley Building Reborn With Artwalk


Seeley’s furniture store at Brand and San Fernando Road in Glendale has been closed for nearly twenty years, but those big neon signs kept glowing. There were several projects to bring the landmark back to life but it sat empty except for the occasional film shoot. Did you know they built the whole Anchorman set inside that building? I was happy to learn that the historic building was being reborn as Seeley Studios, a live-work loft situation, so I dropped in on their first Artwalk recently. That’s an awfully big word to apply to the little open house I attended which was barely more than IZZE soda and a few black lights. The best unit in the place is on the top floor under the rooftop sign, but even there it was a single musician and a lot of space but not much art. The tall, skinny apartments built in the parking lot feel like racquetball courts and have panoramic views of Rally’s Hamburgers. No matter what, I’m glad it’s back and hope it will bring some new life to the Tropico neighborhood sandwiched between Glendale and Atwater Village.