What Happened to Those Ever-Present Yellow Helms Bakery Trucks?

Chris Nichols answers your burning questions about L.A.

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Q: What happened to those ever-present butter-yellow Helms Bakery trucks that used to hawk doughnuts across the city?

A: Fifty years ago this month L.A.’s most famous bakery announced the end of door-to-door service. Two surviving coaches from the period are owned by Los Angeles County’s Natural History Museum, and another is on display at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana.

A fiberglass facsimile of a 1930s truck crashes through a wall of the Helms Complex in Culver City. A 1962 Chevy Helms truck parked nearby dispenses brownies by chef Sang Yoon, the proprietor and chef of Father’s Office and Lukshon. Yoon is opening his own super-upscale version of a Helms Bakery at the complex early next year, dispensing such treats as roasted banana crumb cake with banana cream and coffee and chicory streusel.

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