Happy Mother’s Day!


I’m looking forward to visiting with mom (pictured at right) this Mother’s Day. We’re thinking of going to the Original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax. If your family isn’t as vegetable-centric as mine, I’ve gathererd ten fun things to see and do this weekend. Here’s hoping you and your mom have a special day together. 

Unique L.A.

This craft show is the epitome of homemade. Enjoy clothing, jewelry and even pies from over 300 artists at the California Market Center downtown. Your $10 admission gets you complimentary drinks, a free bag and a plush lounge where mom can put her feet up.

Old Town Music Hall

This cozy movie house features a live organ concert, a classic film (this weekend is The Dolly Sisters starring Betty Grable) and a live concert by vaudevillian Janet Klein.

Maja’s Magic School

Meet the White Witch of L.A. and learn about her mystic feminine powers at Maja’s Magic School. This week’s lesson: The Skeleton, Occult Secrets. Mom always loved Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.

Mommie Dearest at the Egyptian

Thank your mother for not being the perfect mother Faye Dunaway depicts in this adaptation of the life of Joan Crawford.

Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman at CAFAM

The Craft and Folk Art Museum is exhibiting the work of mid-century artist-designers Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman through Sunday. The couple has been married for more than 50 years and collaborating on beautiful decorative arts since day one.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

I treasure the 1970s photos of my parents in Elizabethan garb enjoying themselves at this long running festival of living history. Take your own memorable photos there this weekend.

 Jay Leno

The demographics for the late night host run a little older and mom will love Jay’s safe and comfy humor. Plus the breadsticks come with three dipping sauces!


Liberace’s mother (and brother George) were often seen in the front row of his TV audience fawning over his piano skills. Now you and your own mom can sit in the front row and enjoy Libby’s 1955 Tribute to Mothers TV special courtesy of Outfest.

Sesame Street at the L.A. Zoo

Nana loves nothing more than to see the grandkids and grandkids love nothing more than cute animals, organic and otherwise. Come see Grover, Cookie Monster and Billy the elephant in his new $42 million dollar home. Leave with songs stuck in your head and cookie crumbs in the minivan carpet.

Cicada Club

Once a week the Oviatt building, with one of the most spectacular art deco interiors in the city, is transformed into the Cicada Club. Come enjoy a big band, girl singer and some nice Chicken Kiev at Cicada.