Half Price Tickets To Pageant Of The Masters


Ulysses S. Grant was just out of office when the first artists came to Laguna Beach. The painters figured they could make a living off the tourists. Things got a little bleak during the depression and somebody hit on the bright idea of wooing the crows that came to Los Angeles for the Olympics in 1932 to hit the southern beaches with a big arts festival. The surprise hit of the show was the part that would become the Pageant Of The Masters.. the Living Pictures show cooked up by vaudevillian Lolita Perine. The same basic idea is still packing them in to the outdoor amphitheater every summer. This year’s show is called Genius and tackles science, space and technology through the art of standing still. It really is kinda great and my favorite piece this year is a recreation of that amazing art deco Astronomers Monument at Griffith Observatory. My favorite moment is when the actors portraying the heads of Isaac Newton, Galileo and the gang emerge from the bushes at this amazing revue. You really must see it. PLUS half-price day is coming up on August 13th and 14th. Now how much would you pay? (Click on “Tickets” and then click on “50% off” or call 800-487-3378)