Greetings From the Los Angeles County Fair


The 89th edition of the Los Angeles County Fair rolled into town last weekend and it was jam-packed! I’m figuring week two will be a little more manageable, so head out to Pomona and join the fun. I loved the Eclections: Art of Collections exhibit at the Millard Sheets Center and was pleasantly shocked to see the entire patio filled with historic neon signs from the Museum of Neon Art. The midway and ride section seems to have expanded with a reconfiguration of the gates, so don’t be surprised if you need a little extra time to figure out where you are. Lots of little things are different and some friendly landmarks are no more. I particularly missed the charming little pink frosted fantasy that housed the gingerbread house – sniff. But I did enjoy the historic exhibit halls full of barkers hawking things like flying fish balloons and Mr. Cooley towels. Most of our group missed the pig races, but when I told my cartoonmaker friend Mark that the piglets were named Buzz, Woody, Jessie and Bullseye he was outraged. “What?! No Ham?” HeeHee. The food wagons were buzzing as usual. Juicy’s lured in scads of folks with their creepy and memorable jingle. I always drop by to find out the latest victim of the deep fryers, this year’s winner: Totally Fried Kool Aid! Enjoy the slideshow and enjoy the fair. OOh! En Vogue and Salt N Pepa are there tonight. Spicy!