Giant Tamale Building For Sale


One of L.A.’s rare and iconic giant object buildings, architecture shaped like what it sells, has come up for sale, and it’s one the magazine visited recently for our Time Frame page. The Tamale, a cylindrical building shaped like (do I even have say it?) a tamale, was built in 1929 and in recent years has housed a beauty parlor and a dental lab. Here’s a brief history from Esotouric Tours, who first noticed the for sale sign yesterday.

Can’t you see this as a smart little 21st century tamale restaurant? Hopefully restored in it’s native East L.A., but maybe moved someplace like Route 66 or York Boulevard in Highland Park? This very special and very rare piece of California Crazy architecture (plus a house and 5000 square foot lot) can be yours for the bargain price of $459,000.

For the cost of four of these chairs you could own one of the last programmatic buildings in L.A. Take a tip from the folks bringing back the giant barrel-shaped Idle Hour Café in North Hollywood. Aren’t we the creative capital? Let’s resurrect the things that created our wacky reputation. Step it up, people.


Photography by Dustin Snipes