Giant Hot Dog Flies Across Town


A giant three-dimensional hot dog that has been poking out from the roof of a long-closed Thai restaurant (?!) in Hollywood took a trip across town this morning. The gigantic frankfurter was lowered to a new home overlooking a 7-11 at Overland and Palms. I was investigating reports about a new paintjob highlighting the wiener’s condiments (ketchup, mustard and onion, if you were wondering)  and discovered that the big dog was lifted by crane from its perch at Hollywood and Western and transported to the roof of National Promotions and Advertising. The colorful owners of NPA mounted the weenie on the side of their property that faces a convenience store that happens to sell hot dogs. These are the same folks that repurposed a Greyhound bus as their front door. The abandoned Thai restaurant will likely come down for a new project, but thanks to NPA, a little piece of absurdist funk lives on.