Food of the Arabian Nights at Central Library


Food writer Charles Perry has a great knack for mixing his expertise in food, music, L.A. history, ‘60s psychedlia and the Middle East into fascinating and delicious stews for the society of Culinary Historians. On Saturday morning he comes to downtown’s Central Library to tackle The Arabian Nights with a program called “One Thousand and One Fritters,” where he will decipher in delicious detail the complicated meals previous translators could not. He promises to explain what “The Lad Who Ate Zirbaja” actually put in his mouth. The event is free and thematic snacks follow in the library courtyard. His annual lectures for the Culinary Historians always fill you up and you leave hungry for more. 

Click here for details from the Culinary Historians of Southern California

Photograph: Detail from: “Kahve Keyfi”; oil on canvas, 112 x 101.5 cm  From the collection of the Pera Museum