Five Things I Learned About the Future From The Divergent Series: Insurgent


I love science fiction pictures and was excited to see the stylish The Divergent Series: Insurgent. The well-designed run-and-jump 3-D movie opens today and gives us another vision of the future to consider. The action takes place 200 years from now, but it all seems so familiar. The more things change…

Our drought spreads east
Lake Michigan and the Chicago River dry up in the movie. I didn’t see the first film in the series, but in my imagination, California has built a giant pipeline to siphon water from the Midwest.

Abundant heaps of unpaid hippies will continue to toil in the sun building utopian communities
That 65-foot tall geo-dome, hand-turned wooden staircase, and beige gruel of the “Amity” commune didn’t create itself. I think I even spotted an Arcosanti bell hanging on the walls of Octavia Spencer’s character’s office.

Used cars really are still a bargain
Military troop carriers retired after the war in Afghanistan will still be in good running condition 200 years from now.

People can float with the help of injections, but there is still no cure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
I experienced phantom pain watching Kate Winslet massage her bandaged wrist for 119 minutes.

The supply of reclaimed wood and Edison bulbs is truly endless
Naomi Watts’ character finds plenty of each to furnish her chic retreat among the crumbling concrete ruins.