Finding Nemo Splashes Down At El Capitan Theatre


An enhanced 3-D version of Pixar’s Finding Nemo splashes onto theater screens this weekend and it’s great.  I was excited to attend a special screening in the splendor of the El Capitan Theatre where it opens today for a three week run. After his rough summer it was nice to see director Andrew Stanton and his John Carter star Willem Dafoe sharing a good laugh on the way in. I landed a great seat across from Pixar chief John Lasseter, Stanton and Albert Brooks, who played Nemo’s father Marlin in the film. I tried to sneak a peek to see if some tears welled up, but those snorkel-shaped 3-D glasses are great at hiding the eyes. During the credits, Brooks jumped around in his seat and shouted how great his character looked in three dimensions.  Between them all was my pal Mark Walsh who directed the madcap rave-in-a-bathtub short Partysaurus Rex that played before Nemo. Say, did you catch Mark’s guide to showing holiday visitors around Los Angeles? Rex was a lot of fun with its preschool meets cool school zaniness and Nemo is still wonderful after a decade. The after party was held poolside at the Hollywood Roosevelt. No actual fish were harmed for the buffet dinner.


Photographs courtesy Disney/Pixar and Chris Nichols