Fans Mark Disney Anniversaries


Did you ever meet one of those cutesy couples that celebrate their six-week or eighteen-month anniversary? That’s kind of how I felt at the D23 “Fanniversary” celebration I attended on Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I worship at the altar of Uncle Walt, and the event was fun, but did I really need to blow a horn to mark two decades since Honey, I Blew Up The Kid?  D23, the official Disney fan club, creates all sorts of behind-the-scenes events, sneak previews and private tours for Disney die-hards and they were out en masse at the program held in the main theater on the Disney lot in Burbank. Due to some very un-Disney like technical difficulties, the show featured two-and-a-half hours of film clips; sing-along and trivia, augmented with ad-libs from two increasingly flustered hosts. It was fun to see all the rarities from the archives, but unnerving to hold up forgettable fare like Treasure Planet and Savage Sam (the little-known sequel to Old Yeller) alongside groundbreaking moments like the 75th anniversary of Snow White or the birth of Walt Disney Imagineering in 1952. I really liked this artful little film about Disneyland Paris and hearing a recording of Walt recounting his trip to California. Watch for the giant D23 Expo in Anaheim this summer.