Eye Popping Iris Store Opens in Hollywood

IRIS, a permanent Cirque Du Soleil show about early Hollywood, opens at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on July 22nd. The esoteric circus extravaganza dipped their first toe in the local waters yesterday with the opening of the IRIS store at Hollywood and Highland. The petite shop is positioned perfectly across from the theater entrance and is currently filled with generic Cirque souvenirs and a selection of glamorously horrific masks and hats. I might try on a rave hat, but I’m not one to decorate my face with feathers and insects and glitter. I think one even had tiny ears growing out of it. The most striking and memorable part of the store is the masked and mustachioed figure wearing what must be a costume from IRIS. The new show explores film history through interpretive dance… and probably a few strongmen balanced on balls. Dig that Derby box camera hat! Ogle the steampunk chestburster megaphone! That’s what I’m talking about.  See you at the Kodak this summer.