Explore Secret Museums and Abandoned Asylums on Obscura Day


One of my favorite books growing up was Roadside America. I’ve burned through a few copies and still have the dog-eared one that sent me to Coral Castle, Cadillac Ranch, and House on the Rock. These days, I always check their Web site before heading out on a road trip, but for even weirder museums and cryptic collections I visit Atlas Obscura. The group empowers local experts as ambassadors to lead field excursions and on Saturday they will host Obscura Day, a “global celebration of unusual places.” Explorers have planned 26 adventures in California, and about half of those are nearby. I’ve poked around in the abandoned Rancho Los Amigos hospital and Rockhaven Sanitarium, and they are both spooky and scenic, as is Dapper Cadaver, a death-centric prop house in the Valley. I’ve also enjoyed Pasadena’s Bunny Museum and Thumperdome pinball collection and adore the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. I keep a list of oddities to visit in my pocket, and Valley Relics and the International Printing Museum are both going to join it now. Have fun discovering!