Exhibit Of Heavily Retouched Newspaper Photos Opens Downtown


Charles Foster Kane… I mean William Randolph Hearst had a great ability to sell newspapers by “enhancing” the truth with lurid headlines and pictures. His chain of papers, including the ones that would become the Los Angeles HeraldExaminer, manipulated photographs to direct the eye towards the drama. The papers loved Hollywood scandals and true crime, but when gangster Bugsy Siegel was gunned down, the retouchers actually removed some of the gore from the bloody scene. Some of the modifications were meant to combat the limitations of black and white photography on newsprint, but some of the artists used ink and paint to create things the camera did not see. When the HerEx folded in 1989, their photo morgue was donated to the Los Angeles Public Library, which recently opened an exhibition of the doctored photographs. Edited for Publication:
Photographic Manipulations in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner runs through August 31 in the History Department of Central Library. (Click on magnifying glass to enlarge)


Los Angeles Public Library

630 W. 5th Street

Los Angeles, CA 90071