Eating On The Run With Photographer Gerald Panter


Some of the most beloved restaurants in Los Angeles are tiny shacks, or at least started in them. Pink’s Hot Dogs, Yuca’s and Irv’s Burgers aren’t much more than a sunshade and a grill. When they’re displaced by the mega developments that are the polar opposite of a good old funky L.A. hamburger stand, the community loses the color, character and cheap eats that make our neighborhoods so special. BBQ King at Figueroa and Sunset fell for seven stories of faux Tuscan apartments, The tiny and tropical Juices Fountain on Vine is now the W Hotel and Molly’s Burgers in Hollywood is headed towards the big burger shack in the sky and her berth will become a big purple office building. Photographer Gerald Panter has been documenting this endangered variety of al fresco dining for over a decade and presents his findings in a lunchtime talk on November 2nd at Central Library. The Photographer’s Eye free lecture series, sponsored by the Photo Friends of the Los Angeles Public Library, hosts the monthly talks. Enjoy the slanted roofs; streamline corners and screaming signage of Benito’s, Chroni’s and Gil’s Super Burger. Visit long-gone landmarks like Jay’s Jayburgers and downtown’s Kosher Burrito. Be sure to stop at your favorite stand for a to-go order on your way to the program, this is a lunchtime event and the library encourages you to bring a snack. Eat up!   

Detail of El Patio Tacos by Gerald Panter