Drunk History Finally Arrives in Los Angeles with Jack Black as William Mulholland


Drunk History finally arrives in Los Angeles. Tonight’s episode covers topics the city has obsessed about for 100 years: water, cute dogs, and the LAPD.

Badass Giancarlo Esposito shoots up the 19th century streets as Andrés Pico, a rancher/politician/vigilante in the era before we had a formal police force. Zach Woods from Silicon Valley plays the trainer of Rin Tin Tin, the movie dog who was almost voted “Best Actor” at the first Academy Awards. “I love Los Angeles with all my heart,” narrator Eric Edelstein emotes. “It’s given me everything. I pinch myself. Life is so beautiful here…Excuse me I farted.”

The crew goes for a kayak ride in the Los Angeles river to prepare for the third segment, about William Mulholland and the aqueduct. Jack Black and Kyle Gass play Mulholland and Fred Eaton, who conspire to bring water to a city thirsty for more than just the whisky that show creators Jeremy Konner and Derek Waters drink throughout the episode.