Driving along Mulholland near Coldwater Canyon, I’ve seen a big sign on the hillside with a D painted on it. It’s in the Disney font. Does it belong to a member of the Disney family, an employee, or just a fan?

    Somewhere from his deep freeze, Uncle Walt is applauding your font detection skills. Yes, that 14-foot-tall sheet metal letter is an artifact from the Happiest Place on Earth. It was part of a monumental entrance sign that graced Harbor Boulevard from 1989 to 1999—not the original sign, of course, but it still sported the Magic Kingdom Gothic lettering created in 1955 by artist Jacques Rupp. When the theme park scrapped the behemoth to build yet another, the sign landed on eBay. In 2000, actor and Disneyland memorabilia collector John Stamos snapped up all ten letters for $30,700. The D you see is on his lawn.
    Photograph courtesy Flickr/xurbie