Downtown Ice Cream Social Being Held in Alhambra


Hal Bastian is senior VP at the Downtown Center Business Improvement District and is downtown’s biggest booster. He has been involved in the revival since those long-ago days when the neighborhood lacked a gourmet pet store, a vegan cupcakery and a bar with 271 whiskey varieties. His latest effort is to see an old-fashioned ice cream parlor open somewhere between the L.A. River and the Harbor Freeway. He has his eyes set on Best of LA winner Fosselman’s in Alhambra. The creamery has been scooping since 1919 and once had stores in Highland Park and South Pasadena but retreated to just one location on Main Street decades ago. Bastian has started an effort to lure the shop downtown, but has been rebuffed by the Fosselman brothers. “They told me ‘no’” he says. “But you know that is an unacceptable answer.” The tireless crusader will lead a caravan into the suburbs for an “Open House Ice Cream Social” that is strictly BYOIC (Buy your own ice cream) this Sunday, July 3rd from 2-4pm. Any excuse to enjoy Fosselman’s in July is a good one. Join in on the fun and sweet cream and maybe I’ll see you there.