Disney’s Food and Wine Festival Starts Today


If Disney’s California Adventure is a simulation of the tourist experiences in the Golden State, and if their Hollywood Land is a recreation of Los Angeles, then we should have fully expected the Food and Wine Festival, another step for visitors who want to eat and drink like an Angeleno without actually spending time here.

During the month of April, park guests in Anaheim who want street tacos without the street might enjoy the Pork Belly Bao Taco served with Pickled Vegetables in the “LAStyle” booth. Fans who are curious about grapes grown by the Disney family or Pixar chief John Lasseter can sample their wines at sommelier seminars in the park. Experts in wine, beer, spirits, and chocolates will be on hand to discuss their creations.

Now, it’s amazing how Disney has given their culinary offerings a radical makeover. The quality has gone over the berm and that’s wonderful, but the radical upscaling of macaroni and cheese, shrimp cocktail, and  Micheladas doesn’t feel right. Over the course of the five-weekend fest you can give yourself a cultural immersion class in food and wine, art and design. For an additional fee, spend a little time close to your Food Network favorites. I’m a little surprised that the vast reach of Disney does not include a food channel, but they are bringing in Guy Fieri, G. Garvin, and Graham Elliot from television land to lead $99 talk and tasting events. Annual passholders can spend an extra fifty bucks on a front row seat, an autograph, and a secret gift.