This Disneyland Souvenir Auction Features Some Rare Items

More than 1,000 items from the early years are up for bid

Craig Krull first visited Disneyland in 1961, long before he represented famous photographers at his Santa Monica art gallery. He was influenced by the attention to detail and high level of design at the park and spent years collecting more than a thousand vintage souvenirs ranging from an authentic spike from the Disneyland railroad to an unused popcorn box. His collection is being auctioned on Friday by Profiles in History (you can bid online).

Thirteen shopping bags from the 1950s and 60s and an unused popcorn box

Photograph courtesy Profiles in History

Eight Disneyland pocket knives and one bottle opener

Photograph courtesy Profiles in History


Collection of vinyl coin purses including items from the “Indian Village” section of Frontierland

Photograph courtesy Profiles in History

In the years before every storefront was stuffed with character merchandise, the contents of each shop were selected to enhance the theme of the land they were located in. Vendors like Pendleton sold blankets in Frontierland, and Upjohn Pharmacy gave out vitamins on Main Street, U.S.A. The park also created some special items to further the storyline and reflect the unique attractions.

Disneyland railroad collection including original spike from Disneyland railroad station

Photograph courtesy Profiles in History

Tinker Bell metal and ceramic figurines from the 1950s and 60s

Photograph courtesy Profiles in History

Merchandise vendors also had a habit of going off-model and creating bizarre interpretations of familiar characters residing somewhere in the uncanny valley. Bidding starts at $100, or about three dollars more than the current admission.

Award presented to Walt Disney studio artist John Hench, an original designer of Disneyland

Photograph courtesy Profiles in History

Craig Krull’s collection on display in his gallery

Photograph courtesy Craig Krull

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