Dial a “Star”


OK, I can see where you might watch this episode of Land of the Lost  and feel the urgent need to call the actress that played Holly for an explanation. I understand that. It’s really complicated and she was there. She had the script to read over and over, she heard it straight from Sid and Marty Krofft… but what other reason could there be for a service like Dial-A-Star where forty four “celebrities” have signed up to be contacted directly by fans at a charge of up to $27 per minute. It’s a pretty rough list. No less than five addicts from Celebrity Rehab are available for counseling. You might ask parenting advice from Dina Lohan ($1500 per hour) or Nadya “Octomom” Suleman at half that price. Maybe you read about writer Joel Stein’s teen crush on 1978 Penthouse pet Corinne Alphen in Los Angeles magazine and want to give her a ring and see what she’s been up to since then. “Only a fool” wrote Stein “meets his idols.” Stein was no fool. Alphen charges more than a thousand bucks for an hour of Dial-A-Star. He paid only $60 for a personalized tarot reading from the sleigh-riding, wood stacking, snow shoeing ex-model. Enter at your own risk.

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