Creepy Puppets Need Love Too


When their masters leave for the evening, the puppets of the Rogue Artists Ensemble return to the expensive storage facility they call home. Sometimes the creepier ones find their way to freeway off-ramps, bony arms extended to collect donations. You can help them keep the “Will be ominous for $” signs at home by participating in the Puppet Telethon, now through September 6th.  The group was formed 12 years ago at UC Irvine and has brought everything from Shakespeare to the clowning arts – wait, Shakespeare and the clowning arts – together on their stage. Donors who are charmed by the spaghetti-haired Sally Strathers can choose rewards including custom-made puppets of their loved ones, coffee with the theater’s director, or a full-on concert and performance in your own living room. Better than a coffee mug – because, you know puppets can’t drink coffee.


Rogue Puppet Telethon 2013