Cinefamily and Filmforum present vintage Los Angeles on film


As part of Pacific Standard Time, Los Angeles Filmforum is bringing a collection of rarely seen films about the city to Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater on Saturday. The collection includes footage of Muscle Beach in 1948, downtown’s Grand Central Market in 1963, Bunker Hill before it was cleared in the late ‘60s and Olivia’s Place, a 1966 film by Thom Anderson, the creator of everyone’s favorite study of L.A. in the movies Los Angeles Plays Itself. The last time I had a dinner party, half of the invitees were at the Egyptian for a rare screening of Anderson’s masterpiece. This sounds like the perfect compliment to that epic. I need to find a way to excuse myself from a dinner I already agreed to attend in order to see this one. Yikes!

Click here for tickets and more information.