Chris Vs. Tour Bus Guides


Don’t you love those big red double decker buses that have popped up all over town in the last couple years? They are nice and colorful, but what are they telling people? I pulled up down below the City Sights coach at Wilshire and Fairfax and heard this spiel wafting groundward: “On your right is the Petersen Automotive Museum where Biggie Smalls was gunned down and killed. Don’t worry, this is a nice neighborhood. You’ll be OK, but Biggie had lots of enemies and got shot.” On your left is Johnie’s, this is not a retro place but a real life restaurant with carhops on roller skates.” Maybe the exhaust blurred my eardrums, but what the funk? No art at LACMA? No architecture at the May Company building? No cars at the Petersen? Johnie’s has been closed for a decade, Biggie died in 1997… I dun’ understand. Maybe I’ll have to hop on the hop on hop off bus and see for myself, but could they handle my nerdpicking? Eegah!