Let My People Bid! The 13 Most Unusual Items From the Charlton Heston Auction


Charlton Heston was a larger-than-life actor who brought rugged intensity to the roles of Moses, Marc Antony, and Ben-Hur. The gravitas he brought to dystopian science fiction and disaster movies was matched only by his later passion for the National Rifle Association. He traveled the world with his photographer wife Lydia, and at the height of his success commissioned architect William S. Beckett to design a spectacular modernist home in Coldwater Canyon. The Academy Award winner died in 2008 and his wife recently moved out of the family home, which sold in January for more than $12 million. Heston’s treasures were consigned to Bonhams for an auction scheduled for March 22 at their Hollywood showroom.   Here are some of the more unusual items up for bid.