Charles Phoenix Turns A Vintage Roadside Wigwam Into A Christmas Tree


Leave it to Charles Phoenix to see a blazing bright Christmas tree where the rest of the world sees a stucco cone. Over the weekend at the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino, everyone’s favorite “histotainer” kicked off the season by decking out one of the 19 motel rooms with strings of lights and hosting a countdown party. Phoenix worked with the owners of the Route 66 landmark to create the special décor. “I chose a room that we could watch the sun set over,” said Phoenix. “And I asked for those special ceramic C9 bulbs. They’re perfect.” Owner Kumar Patel obliged and welcomed dozens of roadside enthusiasts who sang Christmas carols (including the Carpenters’ Merry Christmas, Darling) around a bonfire, drank hot chocolate, and enjoyed a “donut exchange” before the lights were flipped on. Merry Christmas to Phoenix, owner Kumar, and Mr. Tiny of the Wacky Tacky blog, who caught the moment on video.