Celebrate Latino Heritage Month With Cesar Milan and the Dogs of Downtown


Latino Heritage Month kicks off Friday afternoon with a big party at Los Angeles City Hall. Mariachis, Brazilian Capoeirists and Palenke Soul Tribe will be singing and dancing, while activist Salvador Castro and legendary Dodger Fernando Valenzuela are honored. While we fondly remember Fernandomania and admire that lovable left-hander, I’m thinking the biggest (silent) whistles will turn out for the third honoree, TV’s Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan. Can you imagine the canine crowd that he can conjure in this neighborhood of pampered pooches? Where else do you get competing animal salons with limousine service and paw beveling? Or shops with $125 water bowls and “sexy beast” perfume? Barkmitzva planners? Bring your dog downtown and celebrate with Cesar and Mayor Villaraigosa. Maybe afterward you and your canine friend can enjoy a patio table at pet friendly Lazy Ox Canteen only two blocks from City Hall. This week they’re offering a pig ear “chicharon” and a fine aragonez/trincadeira singularis from Portugal.