Cars That Go Beyond Black and White


I have a lot of friends that collect classic cars. Cars that pre-date the ‘slab of clay in a wind tunnel’ era we’ve been in since the bubbly Ford Taurus bobbed to the surface in the ‘80s. Another blandifying trend that makes it more difficult to tell a Hyundai from a Honda are these boring paint colors you resale-minded types go for. The three most popular paint colors are silver, black and white? What? How did we go from being able to ID a make and model from blocks away to having to open the hood to see where our car came from? Rant! Rant! Rant! That’s why the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show on June 4th is such big news. The display is being held at Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax and is a tribute to multi-toned cars. That’s right, not only could you once judge a DeSoto from the height of it’s tailfin, you could also enjoy its Frost Turquoise, Merlin Blue and Cobalt Metallic tri-tone paint job a block away. Enjoy the optical excitement of hot rods, convertibles and a Packard Caribbean as bright and vibrant as the produce at Farmers Market.