I’ll Admit It: I Liked Aloha


Poor Cameron Crowe is getting beaten with a Hawaiian war club for his new film Aloha. At the screening I attended he surprised the audience by popping in and saying a few words about his “love letter to the islands.” As Crowe walked to his seat, he spotted director Brad Bird in my row and leaned in to give him a hug. They both needed it, since Bird’s Tomorrowland is also taking a whipping. Both movies are fascinated with rockets and the Space Age, and both films left me with many questions.

Aloha is a romantic comedy, political drama, military intrigue, and supernatural mystery mishmash, but the characters seem to care about each other, the banter is witty, and the tropical scenery is beautiful. It even has a fantastic soundtrack filled with vintage Hawaiian melodies. Boy, am I in the minority. These reviews are scathing!

“…has a pitiable odor” –New York Daily News

“…nearly unwatchable” –Seattle Times

“…one hand clapping” – Wall Street Journal

The biggest revelation for me was how well Bill Murray does a villain. I can’t remember him playing such a likeable bad guy since Scrooged. His super cool, shade-tippin’ mad man Musk routine should guarantee him a part in the next Bond film.